Monday, April 4, 2011


There is no such thing as "HAARP RINGS"

HAARP, the Unites States Air Force and United States Navy High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program which operates transmitters and receivers to study the ionosphere and magnetosphere has been the topic of many people who like to distribute misinformation and promote their own propaganda the reasons of which I am unable to figure out.  Perhaps it is to just gain popularity because they have nothing else to do or it is a genuine mental illness.  As a SKYWARN Spotter and Storm-Tracker it is important to me to relay facts to the public and not spread misinformation in reporting and disseminating weather information. I am writing this post to explain something very simple and relatively obvious about National Weather Service Doppler Radar and related composite imagery:

During times in which the modes of WSR--88D National Weather Service Radar Systems are in CLEAR AIR MODE or even in PRECIPITATION MODE there are certain atmospheric conditions which can result in anomalous propagation during their volume scans.   Anomalous propagation is the bending of radar beams and it is common during times of temperature inversions and other phenomena which cause false radar returns or extensive appearance of ground clutter.  These are the circles you see usually on individual NEXRAD radar sites.  These circular returns are also seen on larger geographic radar composites and appear as circles or "rings" if you will.

Also at times you will see radar "spikes" which are common during SUNRISE and SUNSET and I will eventually post an example here when I have one.

To those who like to dish out misinformation on YOU TUBE for whatever reason, you cannot stump someone who has studied meteorology and is well versed in this science over the last 40 years.  Sorry there are not "angels playing with the HAARP" although I could speculate these large transmitters may be used as "attempts" at weather modification along with cloud seeding and seismic activity.  But what you are looking at on radar composites are not HAARP RINGS or any spooky "epicenters" of radar cites other than those of the NEXRAD network and TDWR's.

Here is a picture of a NATIONAL RADAR COMPOSITE:  These are not HAARP rings.   Please note when using sites such as INTELLICAST or some other site, they may or may not have filtering software to take out the ground clutter or false echoes.  There are times I would rather just see all the raw data and even the false returns and just analyze what I am observing on my own. As a storm-chaser I do my own personal forecasting to a great extent and the raw data is very helpful to analyze boundaries:

Gary Yantis comments on some things concerning HAARP here and for those who speculate or even adamantly believe HAARP is causing everything and is some great swelling government monster weather control system need to listen to this video: