Sunday, August 28, 2011


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Saturday, August 27, 2011

HAARP Rings and Massive Flash Conspiracy

Here's where the U.S. Government is accused of some great behind the scenes conspiracy to control the weather.  There can be no greater nonsense in the minds of conspiracy theorists today!

This is 100% misinformation from a YOU TUBE channel titled "Dutchsinse".  I have seen this before and have to sit back in amazement as 35,000 subscribers and viewers believe this nonsense.  This is none other than some brain damaged flake who believes his own lie and thinks it's cute to deceive others into thinking he's some sort of weather forecast professional.  

I would invite anyone watching this video here to contact the National Weather Service Office in Raleigh, North Carolina and have them explain what this is to those who entertain one minute of this nonsense from "Dutchsinse".

So what is this alleged "HAARP FLASH"?  It has nothing to do with HAARP transmitters but what it is is simply one volume scan of the KRAX NEXRAD site which was probably being received by the COMPOSITE RADAR in either CLEAR AIR MODE or some other mode instead of BASE REFLECTIVITY.  All it did was cause a slight radar anomaly and it was not filtered from the COMPOSITE IMAGERY.  Very simple.  

Also for those of you who continually allow yourselves to be deceived by "Dutchsinse" so YOU TUBE and GOOGLE can pay him a few thousand dollars per month for his contribution to public confusion this is more of an example of how money is wasted by corporate America on such manipulators and deceivers.  This guy "Dutchinse" figured out how to make a dishonest buck courtesy of GOOG via his deceitful YOU TUBE channel.  He also likes to play with earthquakes, volcanic activity, and radiation fallout and probably couldn't make it through one semester of logical thought in any space or atmospheric science studies.  

This guy also claims to have predicted the Joplin EF5 tornado this year but he didn't warn them so over 100 people died. Well "Dutchsinse" do me a favor next time:  Call the National Weather Service and tell them your predictions and we will watch and see if they come true.  The idea here is to save lives and property and not have GOOG waste money paying you for your deceptions...I'M WATCHING! 

During times like this when dangerous tropical storms and hurricanes are impacting populated areas with tremendous wind damage and flooding concerns we have people here that are making sport of deception and misinformation.  They are the great conspirators and deserve to be exposed for their treachery!

SEE ALSO THIS LINK as some people are waking up to this Dutchsinse nonsense:

Much love!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Unforecasted Tornadoes

I have had several of these and all of them in Wisconsin.  Eventually I will be posting many of my videos here linked to my YOU TUBE channel.  Please bear with me as I am in the developing stages of both The Weather UNIT and The News UNIT websites and blogspots....developing...

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Texas Oklahoma Drought Radar Watch

The Weather UNIT is monitoring the area as little relief is forecast for the drought stricken region....developing...

Texas and Oklahoma In Exceptional Drought Conditions


Texas drought conditions are an extreme concern as many lakes and reservoirs are drying up and even in some cases areas are in need of turning sewage water into drinking water.  SEE THIS LINK: