Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Watch The Weather Channel's TORNADO HUNT TEAM hit the tornado

Tornado Hunt 2013

Is Mike Bettes really a TORNADO HUNTER?

Tornado Hunter Mike Bettes on the microphone
Mike Bettes gets a thrill in The Weather Channel vehicle

All expenses paid for by NBC (chasers please send them in your free video)
Al Roker bashes storm chasers now

This is a job for STORM RESEARCHERS not STORM CHASERS since Al Roker of NBC and The Weather Channel now bashes storm chasers as "thrill seekers" who really aren't professional scientists like Tim Samaras was and also those like Mike Bettes.  So then it's time not to attend their conventions then.  Separate the storm chasers from the storm researchers and let them take the tumble in their vehicles.  Learn more about the The Weather Channel TORNADO HUNT TEAM here:

Those of us who follow severe storms and are involved in various categories of severe weather observing and reporting are not getting an entire list of what we are called.  We are being called by several titles so I guess we all wear many hats depending on what we are doing.  Here's just a few so far:
  • storm chasers
  • storm trackers
  • storm reporters
  • storm observers
  • storm researchers
  • storm spotters
  • scientists
  • meteorologists
  • severe weather journalists
  • severe weather videographers
  • tornado chasers
  • tornado hunters
  • tornado interceptors
  • thrill seekers
Some of us have been involved in almost all of the above to a degree at times but what's with the THRILL SEEKERS?  Seems Al Roker likes to call us thrill seekers but he still likes to watch our videos and interview us for free on the Today Show.  Al Roker probably doesn't even know what GFS stands for or VGP, or PBL, and various other terms used by those of us who actually do severe weather research without the title of meteorologist from an accredited university.

Let's watch the STORM RESEARCHER and SCIENTIST take the roll here.  Perhaps they were calculating the kinetic energy in the horizontal plane of this EF3 tornado near El Reno, Oklahoma on May 31, 2013.  One thing it does look like is they were moving in a direction into the storm that most of us STORM CHASERS now called "THRILL SEEKERS" would have avoided.  I like how they are passing vehicles in the video there.  Keep the pedal to the metal cowboys!  I'll call them by their vehicle logo as TORNADO HUNTERS:

Watch TORNADO HUNTER Mike Bettes below

The hunters become the hunted:

Al Roker the media vulture

NBC's weatherman Al Roker

"We'll be right back but here's what's happening in your neck of the woods..."
---Al Roker

Watch Al Roker at this link and at the end of the video talk with Tornado Hunter Mike Bettes as Al bashes the storm chasers calling them thrill seekers:

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I wonder if Al would have had a gastric disturbance if he saw the El Reno tornado?  Seems Al Roker is pals with Piers Morgan on CNN.  If you take Piers Morgan's $8 MILLION SALARY with CNN and combine it with Al Roker's NBC salary that may be the very reason they don't have but a few hundred bucks to hand STORM CHASERS for their 1,000's of miles of driving and filming severe weather.  But then the STORM CHASERS are just a bunch of THRILL SEEKERS anyway.  Right Al?