Tuesday, June 4, 2013

In remembrance of STORM CHASERS: Tim Samaras, Paul Samaras, and Carl Young

 Blessed be the storm chasers and cursed be the media vultures!

Mainstream media vultures attack storm chasers as "thrill seekers"

Cursed be the media who makes merchandise of us storm chasers and steals our videos only to throw us a few bones and beg for being paid well under what each and every one of us are actually worth.  Cursed be the media who now demonizes us by calling Mike Bettes and those of The Weather Channel as "scientists" or "storm researchers" who proclaim now that the rest of us are only "thrill seekers" or "novices" who sort of get in the way.

I'm Storm Chaser David Casper and I have been on live broadcasts for The Weather Channel and have made them some very informative and profitable interviews during severe weather events in Oklahoma, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.  I've filmed multiple vortex tornadoes at night along with daytime multi-vortex tornadoes and a large F4 wedge and a longer track supercell with attendant tornadoes across central Oklahoma along with many, many other severe weather events, damage, interviews, other tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, and follow up reports and even was interviewed on the Today Show, etc.

Al Roker says the rest of the chasers are "thrill seekers"

I know what it's like to be used by the mainstream media vultures and now I watch the media take shots at us as if we are lower class novices that may not hold the title of meteorologist from some university.  I watched Al Roker say to Mike Bettis, "Well we're glad you're safe and obviously the debate about storm chasing and these these 'thrill seekers' are going to be--cause you guys are scientists and a lot of these folks out there aren't.  Mike Bettes from The Weather Channel thanks so much."

So who are these thrill seekers Al?  They are actually you media vultures who sit in your armchairs and cannot wait to see our videos and maybe send us $200 or $300 if we're lucky because you tell us your NBC budget doesn't allow for much more while we spend $20,000 on camera and computer equipment and even on top of that vehicle expenses to be called "thrill seekers" by you who actually tell us (and yes I have) by your own producers to please get closer next time so you can see something blow up or explode.  Shame on you for being so inconsiderate of us who have actually saved lives by early warning observations and reporting but we have gone unnoticed because we didn't get our Tornado Hunt 2013 vehicle overturned like Mike Bettes who enjoys a handsome salary from the NBC and then gets exalted while those of us unknown chasers are made to look like a bunch of idiots.  

Well there are some of us who really know who the idiots are.  And they have demonstrated themselves well even now by attacking us after they made a show openly of their screw up on national television.  Go away and I hope the Rothschilds start their new weather media enterprise where some of us lesser class chasers can be a part of in a more professional way even in the midst of these calculated risks.  

At the same time we all know this could happen to anyone in the field and for the most part the chaser community has worked together well.  We also don't need the mainstream media anymore.  THE ALTERNATIVE WEATHER MEDIA is rising up.  We don't need The Weather Channel.  You need us.  Remember that and pay them chasers what they're worth in the field!

Thank you ABC news for your consideration and professional integrity: