Saturday, June 22, 2013

More Severe Weather and Flooding for the MIDWEST

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Colorado Springs Fire Destroys 360 homes

Fire destroys 360 Colorado Springs homes

Officials say so far the fire affects over 94,000 acres along with a population of approximately 38,000 people, and with 13,000 homes affected and has already destroyed 360 homes.  This is a larger area than an EF5 TORNADO.  Is FEMA on the way to the rescue?



There were a few tornadoes, quite a bit of general wind damage and flooding reported but mostly wind damage.  It's always good when it wasn't as bad as advertised:

Saturday, June 8, 2013


Look at this!  It's just so obvious...the grid patterns...the frequencies...the scaler squares...the HAARP rings...the safe everybody. :-)

Friday, June 7, 2013

Dutchsinse releases documentary: Genetically Modified Society

Genetically Modified Society

Executive Producer Michael Janitch or "Dutchsinse" has upload his movie/documentary called "Genetically Modified Society" for entry into the INFOWARS Paul Revere Contest.

I'm going to study this because there are an increasing number of people that are believing each day that there are CHEMTRAIL AIRCRAFT that are flying the AIRWAY and JET ROUTE structure of the National Airspace System and are filling the skies with chemicals to control the weather and climate.  These folks also support their theory that The National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration along with The National Weather Service is creating daily HARRP WARFARE through WSR-88D NEXRAD RADAR and other alleged HARRP TRANSMITTERS to manufacture weather systems and control short term weather phenomena designing various weather events at their discretion:

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Atmospheric Engineering and Manipulation

Weather Modification and Geoengineering

There is no natural weather anymore

There is now evidence that a massive move of WEATHER MODIFICATION is currently being conducted globally.  The ENTIRE ATMOSPHERE IS BEING CONTROLLED. This is an amazing revelation.  

Many questions are being raised as to why is Oklahoma City, Oklahoma being targeted by large SUPERCELL THUNDERSTORMS producing VIOLENT TORNADOES that are resulting in SIMILAR TRACKS.  There are other questions also as the TROPICAL systems are even starting to appear earlier than usual and even the current cold air across the Midwest that is causing problems with the normal growing season:


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

El Reno KILLER TORNADO now rated EF5



The May 31, 2013 El Reno, Oklahoma tornado has now been UPGRADED from an EF3 to an EF5 TORNADO.  This was also the widest ever tornado on record at 2.6 miles in width.


The Weather UNIT joins STORMTRACK

 Why I joined STORMTRACK

I have been wanting to join STORMTRACK for some time now but have finally made the move to do so.  I'm looking forward to working together with the storm chasing community and other weather enthusiasts as a fellow American who's desire is to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States of America and our Bill Of Rights as the mainstream media desires to demonize many Americans for whatever personal interests they might have as we purse life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness together:

Here is my letter to the ADMINISTRATORS at:

Greetings STORMTRACK Administrators:

My name is David Casper and I'm a storm chaser/tracker, etc.  I'm filling out the REGISTRATION here to join STORMTRACK upon a recommendation from a fellow storm chaser and friend of mine who is a member named Tom Tackett from Fort Worth, Texas who I believe some of you administrators know in person.

The recent events in Oklahoma surrounding the strong tornado outbreaks in that region have prompted me to write some articles on my blogspots located at and also regarding storm chasing and the media coverage of these recent events along with the unfortunate injuries and deaths. 

It appears that we may now be facing some incredible pressure from mainstream media that needs some exposure.  Although each and every one of us have dealt with the media at one time or another, especially those of us who have a knack for video and reporting,  it seems they could be turning from our best friends into our worst enemies.  I certainly hope not.  But when Al Roker on NBC and The Weather Channel starts to generalize all storm chasers as "thrill seekers" we have a problem. 

I do know some of you and have met a few of you in the field on occasion however I haven't been storm chasing very often over the last two years.  I'm looking forward to catching up with some folks here and perhaps helping the storm chasing/tracking and storm research community work together to maintain the integrity of these important eyes in the field and perhaps educate the media before they create unnecessary conflict. 

Thank you.

Very Truly Yours,

David Casper

Watch The Weather Channel's TORNADO HUNT TEAM hit the tornado

Tornado Hunt 2013

Is Mike Bettes really a TORNADO HUNTER?

Tornado Hunter Mike Bettes on the microphone
Mike Bettes gets a thrill in The Weather Channel vehicle

All expenses paid for by NBC (chasers please send them in your free video)
Al Roker bashes storm chasers now

This is a job for STORM RESEARCHERS not STORM CHASERS since Al Roker of NBC and The Weather Channel now bashes storm chasers as "thrill seekers" who really aren't professional scientists like Tim Samaras was and also those like Mike Bettes.  So then it's time not to attend their conventions then.  Separate the storm chasers from the storm researchers and let them take the tumble in their vehicles.  Learn more about the The Weather Channel TORNADO HUNT TEAM here:

Those of us who follow severe storms and are involved in various categories of severe weather observing and reporting are not getting an entire list of what we are called.  We are being called by several titles so I guess we all wear many hats depending on what we are doing.  Here's just a few so far:
  • storm chasers
  • storm trackers
  • storm reporters
  • storm observers
  • storm researchers
  • storm spotters
  • scientists
  • meteorologists
  • severe weather journalists
  • severe weather videographers
  • tornado chasers
  • tornado hunters
  • tornado interceptors
  • thrill seekers
Some of us have been involved in almost all of the above to a degree at times but what's with the THRILL SEEKERS?  Seems Al Roker likes to call us thrill seekers but he still likes to watch our videos and interview us for free on the Today Show.  Al Roker probably doesn't even know what GFS stands for or VGP, or PBL, and various other terms used by those of us who actually do severe weather research without the title of meteorologist from an accredited university.

Let's watch the STORM RESEARCHER and SCIENTIST take the roll here.  Perhaps they were calculating the kinetic energy in the horizontal plane of this EF3 tornado near El Reno, Oklahoma on May 31, 2013.  One thing it does look like is they were moving in a direction into the storm that most of us STORM CHASERS now called "THRILL SEEKERS" would have avoided.  I like how they are passing vehicles in the video there.  Keep the pedal to the metal cowboys!  I'll call them by their vehicle logo as TORNADO HUNTERS:

Watch TORNADO HUNTER Mike Bettes below

The hunters become the hunted:

Al Roker the media vulture

NBC's weatherman Al Roker

"We'll be right back but here's what's happening in your neck of the woods..."
---Al Roker

Watch Al Roker at this link and at the end of the video talk with Tornado Hunter Mike Bettes as Al bashes the storm chasers calling them thrill seekers: 

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

I wonder if Al would have had a gastric disturbance if he saw the El Reno tornado?  Seems Al Roker is pals with Piers Morgan on CNN.  If you take Piers Morgan's $8 MILLION SALARY with CNN and combine it with Al Roker's NBC salary that may be the very reason they don't have but a few hundred bucks to hand STORM CHASERS for their 1,000's of miles of driving and filming severe weather.  But then the STORM CHASERS are just a bunch of THRILL SEEKERS anyway.  Right Al? 


In remembrance of STORM CHASERS: Tim Samaras, Paul Samaras, and Carl Young

 Blessed be the storm chasers and cursed be the media vultures!

Mainstream media vultures attack storm chasers as "thrill seekers"

Cursed be the media who makes merchandise of us storm chasers and steals our videos only to throw us a few bones and beg for being paid well under what each and every one of us are actually worth.  Cursed be the media who now demonizes us by calling Mike Bettes and those of The Weather Channel as "scientists" or "storm researchers" who proclaim now that the rest of us are only "thrill seekers" or "novices" who sort of get in the way.

I'm Storm Chaser David Casper and I have been on live broadcasts for The Weather Channel and have made them some very informative and profitable interviews during severe weather events in Oklahoma, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.  I've filmed multiple vortex tornadoes at night along with daytime multi-vortex tornadoes and a large F4 wedge and a longer track supercell with attendant tornadoes across central Oklahoma along with many, many other severe weather events, damage, interviews, other tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, and follow up reports and even was interviewed on the Today Show, etc.

Al Roker says the rest of the chasers are "thrill seekers"

I know what it's like to be used by the mainstream media vultures and now I watch the media take shots at us as if we are lower class novices that may not hold the title of meteorologist from some university.  I watched Al Roker say to Mike Bettis, "Well we're glad you're safe and obviously the debate about storm chasing and these these 'thrill seekers' are going to be--cause you guys are scientists and a lot of these folks out there aren't.  Mike Bettes from The Weather Channel thanks so much."

So who are these thrill seekers Al?  They are actually you media vultures who sit in your armchairs and cannot wait to see our videos and maybe send us $200 or $300 if we're lucky because you tell us your NBC budget doesn't allow for much more while we spend $20,000 on camera and computer equipment and even on top of that vehicle expenses to be called "thrill seekers" by you who actually tell us (and yes I have) by your own producers to please get closer next time so you can see something blow up or explode.  Shame on you for being so inconsiderate of us who have actually saved lives by early warning observations and reporting but we have gone unnoticed because we didn't get our Tornado Hunt 2013 vehicle overturned like Mike Bettes who enjoys a handsome salary from the NBC and then gets exalted while those of us unknown chasers are made to look like a bunch of idiots.  

Well there are some of us who really know who the idiots are.  And they have demonstrated themselves well even now by attacking us after they made a show openly of their screw up on national television.  Go away and I hope the Rothschilds start their new weather media enterprise where some of us lesser class chasers can be a part of in a more professional way even in the midst of these calculated risks.  

At the same time we all know this could happen to anyone in the field and for the most part the chaser community has worked together well.  We also don't need the mainstream media anymore.  THE ALTERNATIVE WEATHER MEDIA is rising up.  We don't need The Weather Channel.  You need us.  Remember that and pay them chasers what they're worth in the field!

Thank you ABC news for your consideration and professional integrity:

Monday, June 3, 2013

Storm Chaser Tim Samaras remembered by friends

Killed May 31, 2013 by a multi-vortex tornado

He was a good man

Tim Samaras was not really a STORM CHASER he was more of a STORM RESEARCHER which is actually a bit more dangerous because he purposely put himself in harms way planting probes in the paths of dangerous tornadoes and also filmed underneath some funnels looking up.  Most of us who are storm chasers are sometimes called storm trackers or storm spotters don't take such risks however there are an increasing number of chasers and trackers that are building armored vehicles with the intention of penetrating these dangerous storms.

I have occasionally sold video to The Weather Channel and at times the producers would buy my videos and would suggest to me that I didn't get close enough.  Unfortunately some of us will probably not graduate to this level to actually get into the storm as that is left to professional meteorologists and storm chasers/researchers such as Mike Bettis of The Weather Channel.  

Unfortunately for Tim Samaras this ended up in taking his life and that his son and another chaser.  But at least they ended up doing what was their passion both in life and in death.  Either way you could die doing just about anything or nothing at all.  There is always the risk of death as each and every one of us get closer to that date with death on a daily basis:

And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:  
So Christ was once offered to bear the sins of many; and unto them that look for him shall he appear the second time without sin unto salvation.
---HEBREWS 9.27-28

Hopefully Tim Samaras, Paul Samaras, and Carl Young were all in Christ Jesus as the multiple vortex tornado took their souls: 



Sunday, June 2, 2013

ROAD BLOCKS by LAW ENFORCEMENT raise questions during Oklahoma tornadoes



There are sources reporting that Oklahoma State Troopers blocked highway 81 around El Reno going south and wouldn't let anyone through while the storm took an unusual turn and hit storm chasers and other civilians trying to escape the strong tornado.   Law enforcement blocking roads has become a major concern as this has happened before in Wisconsin south of Milwaukee during a storm and the storm actually ran over the traffic that was standing still overturning a few vehicles and causing minor injuries.

It is also being reported that KFOR in Oklahoma was LIVE and telling everyone to get into their cars and drive south only to encounter major traffic jams as loads of people tried to egress a city in just a few minutes before the storm hit the Oklahoma City metropolitan area.  KWTV-9's helicopter was looking down at the traffic jams and was expressing concern over the traffic congestion while transmitting live aerial views ahead of the storm.  And so it was...

Due to the nature of severe weather if LAW ENFORCEMENT blocks roads it can cause you to be caught in another storm or as it was in this case the storm took an unexpected turn into the traffic jam.

Storm Chasing Demonized as crazy

STORM CHASING demonized by media as crazy and mental.  The Soviets love this so they can create more LAWS and ORDINANCES.  However the reports that are being discussed on some forums regarding LAW ENFORCEMENT BLOCKING ROADS is extremely concerning.  Most of us STORM CHASERS are almost always planning and keeping escape routes nearby to retreat from the imminent and present danger:

Now here are a couple of idiots and if they want to kill themselves then let them be.  But please LAW ENFORCEMENT DON'T BLOCK THE ROADS for those of us who need them.  We like to stay out of the storm and also away from these nuts: 

The Weather Channel calls those STORM CHASERS that died as really being STORM RESEARCHERS.  So that makes it all better.  These were known as the safest chasers in the chasing community:

National Weather Service DATA on tornado tracks

OFFICIAL NWS tornado analysis of May 31, 2013 Oklahoma metro area tornadoes shows how the storm turned by HIGHWAY 81 and INTERSTATE 40 in the El Reno area:


Mainstream media to demonize storm chasers

You want to be an idiot?  Be one then.

Here comes trouble again from our friends in mainstream media.  Immediately she asks a question along with mentioning that phrase "...some people would think that you're out of your mind crazy..."

The idiot media now are into evaluating we the people who like to live, travel, sight see, have guns, plant gardens, or do whatsoever we desire in what is left of this country that is at present being taken down by Soviet control freaks who are rank enemies of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

You know who the real idiots are?  They are the ones who advertise their stupidity by getting in the tornado like Mike Bettis of The Weather Channel and whoever else are roaming around in sometimes these armored vehicles trying to get into a tornado.  The other idiots are those who have been killed or injured recently in Oklahoma, etc. by tornadoes because they have no excuse for not being vigilant in an area where even though tornadoes are more frequent they can certainly be avoided.  

Those of us who storm chase tornadoes by staying out of the hail and out of the tornado are the smart ones.  How about interviewing race car drivers who drive 200MPH or other dangerous sports and call them idiots?  How about the idiots in you media, our Congress and The White House who cannot even read and understand English in the U.S. Constitution and Bill Of Rights?

Tornadoes hit Oklahoma City and St. Louis

Major metropolitan areas hit again

These strong tornadoes finally get some attention now as they hit metro areas again.  Hopefully people are waking up now and will pay a bit more attention to severe weather:


Saturday, June 1, 2013


TORNADOES beat down OKLAHOMA again



Weather Channel STORM CHASERS hit by tornado

Is this ignorant or just plain stupid?

 The hunters become the hunted

This is certainly 100% foolish!  You are meteorologists and you don't even know how to safely chase storms.  I see the storm chased you and got you too.  You know why?  Because you are lifted up with pride and arrogance and now you got your asses kicked a little.  Hopefully no one got seriously injured.   Oh now did your life pass in front of you?

Whereas ye know not what [shall be] on the morrow. For what [is] your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away.
---JAMES 4.14

The only excuse would be if you got stuck in mud or in a traffic jam in a populated area.  Other than that you demonstrated poor judgement and complete disregard for safety.  And you make storm chasing, tracking, and spotting look like a load of careless fools.    

And now I'm hearing stories that these armored tornado vehicles are causing traffic jams and even blocking roads for others while traveling.  There have even been reports that they have assaulted other vehicles.  Imagine being assaulted by a vehicle?  

i remember selling some video to The Weather Channel and being told to get closer next time.  Well that's not going to happen with this storm tracker because I'm not a fool.  I'll keep a safe distance and let your team perform these type of demonstrations.  Well now you got close enough.  Enjoy! 

A prudent [man] foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.
---PROVERBS 22.3

What I don't like about this is these clowns tend to make the rest of us storm trackers and chasers look like them.