Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Global Weather Modification Conspiracy

Although the information presented here is educational, I disagree with the current suspicions that the government (or world government) is successful at changing weather patterns however it is possible they are working experiments to do so.  Perhaps there is equipment being used to attempt to change weather patterns and it may in fact cause some limited interference but the atmosphere remains a very large ocean of air that is not easily modulated by man.  As a 20 year veteran air traffic controller and also a pilot who worked at many of our nation's larger towers and radar facilities I can conclude with a high degree of accuracy that the current CHEMTRAIL CONSPIRACY is very overdone and there is no evidence that this is other than normal daily flights producing contrails at higher altitudes.  The HAARP CONSPIRACY is also overdone and those who are teaching the general public about alleged "scaler squares" and "HAARP rings", etc.  are causing much mischief and distraction from more important matters of controversy:

Although some weather patterns this year have been described as somewhat "unusual" it is actually normal to have fluctuations and oscillations such as above normal temperatures and below normal temperatures and precipitation and so forth.  The recent severe weather and tornadoes that occurred in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas Metro area as shown here was from a typical mid-latitude cyclone and atmospheric setup that produced the severe weather:

CNN Meteorologist blames "Climate change". That sounds good for those who want to create carbon taxes on humans, animals and equipment but it is not necessarily so: