Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hurricane Sandy To Make An Unusual Transition

The Art Of Deception

This is no superstorm at all and the hype is really annoying to this storm chaser who understands and has studied weather and climate.  However, it is strong enough to take some precautions especially along the coastal regions and those areas historically prone to flooding.  Other than that just prepare for a lot of rain, strong gale and storm force winds and flooding. 

The consumer falls for this and rushes out buying goods which might put an ever so slight boost to the regional economy for a few days.  But to cry wolf as if this is some MAJOR SUPERSTORM is utterly ridiculous.

There is one legitimate concern for an EARLY SIGNIFICANT SNOWFALL EVENT especially in higher elevations of the Appalachians that this storm will impact.  For that you would do well to keep up with the forecast as inland flooding could be very devastating in some localized areas should a large amount of snowfall occur followed by a rapid meltoff and heavy rain even.

It is somewhat troubling (but I'm getting used to hearing it) when our government and media try to condition the general public into believing all their transmissions on this event.  It's almost as if they are doing this on purpose to make people believe things when they actually are not so.

On the other hand the things which are dreadful and concerning no one gives attention to.  This is very typical of the art of deception:

Skip the media hype and go directly to The National Weather Service data.  The media and their meteorologists and alleged "specialists" are the typical media vultures.  They are paid shills to elevate this widespread storm to an intensity that is beyond necessary: