Friday, February 22, 2013

Dutchsinse Promotes Weather Modification Conspiracy

More HAARP and CHEMTRAIL nonsense

Here's a guy that continually dishes out misinformation and cannot even read the weather radar and satellite properly.  But he is an "EXPERT" in these matters. 

Me on the other hand having been in aviation and air traffic control for 20 years have never worked high altitude daily flights across the continental United States that are cloud seeding.  This is the most ignorant yet self-promoting fear mongers I have ever seen in my entire life yet they insist this is happening daily.  

Yes there is condensation nuclei however all the white trails or "contrails" are all air carrier and commercial flights on IFR flight plans that are crossing fixes and flying normal altitude strata in the national airspace system.

Notice they never tell you who the hell is doing this they just claim they know.  Show us whose planes these are and who's actually flying them:

There's only one thing this guy can do and that is report earthquakes that are already being reported.  Anyone that can read charts and data can do that much.  These are NOT EXPERTS: