Thursday, February 6, 2014




What is going on with the weather?
  • Large amounts of cattle dying
  • Ice boulders in Lake Michigan
  • Unusual JET STREAM and STORM TRACKS completely out of phase
  • Massive Persistent Polar Air Mass
  • Extreme and unnatural weather conditions
As some of you know I'm storm chaser David Casper who has appeared LIVE on The Weather Channel and various national networks while actively storm chasing from about 2007 though 2012.  Although I'm not an official accredited meteorologist I have studied weather as a pilot and air traffic controller for over 20 years and have enough understanding of these matters to do sufficient research regarding the rising concerns of weather modification that are being discussed of late.  

I'm in the process of reviewing much of this at the present time and have elected not to come to conclusions about these chemtrails as I have never been briefed on some clandestine aerial operations in my 20 years as an air traffic controller in several of our major facilities across the U.S.A. including Washington D.C., Pittsburgh, and the Chicago area.  

As a pilot also I have never been privy to any unusual clandestine operations either.  I have been retired for several years now which has resulted in being completely disconnected from my involvement in the National Airspace System and any of my former connections with air traffic operations has now ended nor do I remain current in any of these particular functions.

My main interest now is severe weather reporting and forecasting of which has also taken kind of a back seat due to the media no longer contracting with independent photo-journalists and storm chasers as myself who used to provide them with broadcast quality video services.  

So as I stated above I am going to review these various and sundry weather conspiracies that are surfacing over the last several years now and are beginning to cause growing concern among the general public.

There was a particular day here where an Alberta Clipper like system came down and produced what I considered an unusual amount of snow for such a dry system.  The snow was also a very unusual powdery snow that accumulated about 6 to 7 inches and the composition of such was so unusual that it didn't even feel like real snow.  It was an incredible dry and fluffy snow that was very powdery like.  For some reason I didn't pay too much mind to it and was ignoring the situation but in retrospect it was unusual how it sublimed in below zero Fahrenheit temperatures and was gone within a day or so leaving very little recollection of what it really was.  Now I wish I would have checked into that a bit closer.

I did notice that the birds would attempt to land on the snow beneath the bird feeders only to sink into the snow like quick sand and disappear followed by intense flapping of their wings to escape from that entrapment and fly radically away to a nearby tree or bush and just sit there for a while.  It was very strange snow and it was mentioned briefly among friends and family.  

There may indeed be some credibility to these reports as I have noticed these upper level dynamics to be incredibly cold especially seeing H925 and H850 temperatures the coldest I have ever seen on any weather map.  Also there has been more wind than normal with very strong surface winds wrapping around that large and persistent gyre that has become to be known as THE POLAR VORTEX.  

I'll have more on this as I study it further: