Saturday, March 1, 2014

Brutal Winter Cold Continues across North America

*****The ARCTIC BLAST just doesn't go away*****

This is March 1st?

Just step outside for a few minutes

We keep hearing the controversy between GLOBAL WARMING and GLOBAL COOLING.  But what I'm looking at here is going on RIGHT NOW and I'm living it here in Wisconsin.  It's been a very brutally cold winter folks.

It's March 1, 2014 and spring is just 20 days away.  The entire PURPLE SHADED REGION is BELOW ZERO FAHRENHEIT and the WHITE SHADED REGION is -20 F. or lower.  And all this at HIGH NOON on March 1st:

Make no mistake about it but this CONTINUAL PERSISTENT ARCTIC AIR MASS is the most unusual pattern of EXTREMELY BELOW NORMAL TEMPERATURES almost ever seen. Even the entire surface of the Great Lakes has nearly frozen over.

Inland area lakes 3 to 4 FEET of ice are common

I live on an inland lake in Wisconsin and the general ice thickness of an average winter is about 15 to 18 inches.  This year we have about 30 inches of thick ice on the lakes here in southern Wisconsin while in the northern portion of the state the ice easily exceeds 36 INCHES and fishermen are using extensions on their augers.



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